Some projects done for clients and for myself

Italian Happiness

A one page site showing some data retrieved from the ISTAT regarding how satisfied are italians about their lives. Developed with Angular 2.

Euro Logistik S.r.l.

I developed a simple informative website for this logistics company based in Verona, Italy.

Job Speed Dating @ Unibz

For the Job Speed Dating event at the Free University of Bozen/Bolzano, I developed an informative website, a registration portal and an optimized scheduling algorithm.

s.hop (github code)

A very simple shopping Angular 2 test application with a cart and favourites. This is my first application with Angular 2.

3D Kaleido Plants

3D L-Systems that you can move around and of which you can change the angles and colours. Developed with Processing

2D Kaleido Plants

A collection of images generated tracing the movement of L-Systems. Developed with Processing and edited in Photoshop

Belousov Zhabotinsky

A Belousov Zhabotinsky reactions generator developed in Java.

Conway's Game of Life

Conway's Game of Life developed in Java

ALTEC Solar S.r.l.

As my first web development experience, I designed and developed a static yet jQuery animated website for the italian headquarter of the ALTEC Solartechnik in 2013. I also designed some brochures and flyers. You can download some screenshots and examples.